Thursday, May 17, 2012

You're just the best....

Ready for another rant?  I just read in our local paper that NBC is cancelling Harry's Law.  They say it's "one of their more popular" shows but the people that watch it are too old.  They don't mention too old for what.  I'm not a big NBC fan.  We don't watch reality (if we want reality we'll go to a family reunion).  Great dialog and a wonderful cast are hard to find on television.  I look forward to Harry's Law because it has both those ingredients as well as Kathy Bates.  What more could television viewers want.  I get tired of cleavage and personal drama.  One of the reasons we have such a huge collection of movies is there is so little real entertainment on TV.  I've never missed an episode of Harry's Law, I've even pre-ordered the series from Amazon.  I wanted to express my unhappiness with NBC, but they don't have a place where you can vent.  That might be why their ratings are so low, they don't allow us to tell them what we want to see.  I hope another station picks up Harry's Law; if they do, they'll make me a truly happy camper.

To honor Harry's Law and Shoe Store, I offer these boots.  Snazzy, huh?  Another Saturated Canary image.  I'm still struggling with pleats.  Not enough time to practice, we're still in the garden.  I got all the veggies but the cucumbers and bush beans planted yesterday.  I will show you pictures of our veggie garden area as soon as we've got it all cleaned up.  Hubs is starting the screening process on the gazebo so we will be back to normal soon.  Hope your day, wherever you are, is a good one.


  1. Gorgeous card Cindy, wonderful colouring of the image, I like the colour combo, and the corner die.
    Kevin xx

  2. Dang! I hadn't heard that Harry's Law was cancelled, but I'm also an avid watcher! NBC execs are mindless dopes who are going to be older one day too! Intelligent tv is dying quickly to the likes of shows like "the bachelor"........a ridiculous waste of time!
    Anyway, your card is cute, and I love that you did the boots as a tribute to Harry's Law!

  3. Love your card Cindy and your pleats are great!!! : )

  4. Cindy dear, your pleats are absolutely fabulous!!! *smile* Hugs,