Thursday, May 31, 2012

We have babies.....

This has been a productive week.  Two of our bluebird eggs hatched around the 26th.  The 27th was the hub's birthday.  I finally got the pots on the north side of the house planted and watered.  I also cut down the Joe Pye weed.  I discovered by accident last year that these back of the bed plants (about 7' tall) can be made to bloom later and shorter by cutting them back when they get about six feet high.  I cut them back to a foot and a half.  They'll still grow about four feet tall but they don't block the view anymore.  And since they spread like the black plague but the butterflies love them, I hate to pull them out when they grow where they are not supposed to grow.  I'm one of those kind of gardeners that very much dislike pulling flowers out when they grow in the 'wrong' place.

Still no rain to speak of.  I watered the honeysuckle today, it's looking pretty tired and limp.  We don't want the hummingbirds going thirsty, do we?


  1. Wonderful card Cindy, I really like the sentiment,
    Kevin xx

  2. I too have a wonderful, thoughtful hubby. I'm so blessed.

    Great card! That's a fabulous sentiment.