Sunday, May 13, 2012

So much skin....

It isn't quite bathing suit weather yet but it's getting there.  Night time temperatures are in the high 40s and I even left my hanging baskets out last night at 48 degrees.  Soon I will be planting all the annuals in the greenhouse, most of which are getting pretty tall now.  Yesterday I planted my cucumbers and bush beans in the greenhouse so I'm looking forward to them germinating.  I'm hoping to get our vegetable garden organized in the next few days.  We can't have a traditional garden because of the deer so we plant veggies in pots in a protected area between the house, deck and gazebo.  We separate it from the rest of the yard with a large net but we're planning on doing something a little more attractive this year.  Last year we grew cucumbers, lettuce, green and red peppers, carrots, radishes and herbs.  It wasn't worth the effort for the few carrots and radishes so I won't do those this year; I'm replacing them with Kentucky bush beans.  I've learned to saute them with a little olive oil and a hint of garlic - yum.

This is a Saturated Canary image, just one of the many I love.  Krista gets a lot of my allowance and I can't stop coloring them.


  1. Love it!!! You covered my favorites - Sun, warm weather and pink. :) It's such a happy card. It's sure to bring a big smile to the person who receives it.

  2. this is adorable C2.. so summery!!!
    and you coloring is great!!