Saturday, May 26, 2012


We still don't have bluebird babies.  Mama is still incubating, daddy is still bringing her fat juicy bugs.  We should have hatching almost any day now.  The large annual garden is now planted; it's full of zinnias, cosmos, tithonia, salvia, gallardia, sunflowers and marigolds - all started from seed in our little greenhouse.  With watering, we will have blooms earlier than normal.

The old shade structure sans canvas has been reassembled in the yard and the legs have been planted with cardinal vine and moonflower vines.  With luck, the entire top of the 10 x 10 frame should be covered in white and red blossoms but mid-August.  Cardinal vine bloom during the day and moonflowers bloom at night and have a heavenly fragrance.  I placed a wrought iron bench under it which will make it difficult for my husband to mow there.  We've had to start watering, it appears the drought out west has moved here.  No appreciable rain for two weeks and none in the forecast.  Every time rain is predicted it goes around us.  Farmers will be hurting soon without a rain.

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  1. A gorgeous creation,and a beautifully coloured