Saturday, October 5, 2013

6 days and counting....

The girls have been pilled, fed, have groomed, and are now roaming the house quietly.  Both of them were in the bathroom with me a while ago - Sadie in the closet and Sassy behind the shower curtain.  I haven't heard any noise so all must be OK.  We are still keeping the pet carriers on the furniture, no use tempting fate.  There have been no messes outside the litter box.  And Sadie isn't sharpening her claws much on the furniture that we've caught her at.  She still likes the family room window, Sassy still likes the spare bedroom window and they both use the window in my craft room.

We are decorating the bay window for Halloween and have an animated witch and skeleton set up.  This morning I went downstairs and saw Sadie sitting between them and wish I could have gotten a picture from outside.  Sadie LOVES the front door, if I had opened it she would have jumped out of the window and come to the front door, so I took this one instead.

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