Sunday, October 27, 2013

The craft room is coming along....

I don't recommend stripping a craft room and rebuilding it.  It will take two weeks longer than you thought and be five times harder than you imagined.  I haven't reached the end yet.  Most of the furniture is in place, I'm just waiting on a large shelf in the closet for paper and for my husband to hang the towel racks for my punches.  At this moment, it's bright and airy and I can actually walk normally in it instead of passing by stuff sideways.  When I'm in the room, I'm encouraged with the way things look - the organization, the way I can see so many of my supplies (as opposed to having them tucked away in a drawer somewhere).  When I leave my room and go downstairs, I see the piles of stuff in the living room, dining room and spare bedroom.  And going through each shoebox, photobox and drawer is a slow process.  So much I want to hang on to but have absolutely no use for.  Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm a hoarder.  I have thrown away three large garbage cans full of junk and I've just gotten started.

I have machines I can't use:  Electric Big Shot, Dreamkutz, Grand Calibur.  I'm keeping my Big Shot Pro and my Cuttlebug.  I have markers up the wazoo - a whole set of Noir Spectrum markers that I don't even like.  So many materials I purchased with the hope that they would make spectacular cards and by the time I actually got around to using them (sometimes years later), I had forgotten just what I was going to do with them.  No more...  I'm on a buying diet, so vendors beware.  When I get excited about a new product, I'm going to wait a whole week before I think about buying and if I still want it then, maybe.... or maybe not.

Here's the progress:

Only some of the drawers and pull out trays are filled.  And I have several plastic storage containers that haven't come up yet, so it will take another week or so.  My husband thought I wouldn't have enough supplies to fill three medicine cabinets - boy was he wrong.  I still have Flower Soft and glitter that I couldn't fit up there.  AND, my embossing powder is in two drawers.

I have actually had bluebirds in the crab apple tree for the last two days.  They don't seem to be eating so I'm not sure what they're doing there; however, I am thrilled that they are.  I hope where ever you are, there are bluebirds for you.


  1. Wow! Looks great. The cabinets make everything look tidier. I'm going to consider all this for my next house. You describe everything so well. I'm on a buying diet too. Trying to make smarter choices. It's very challenging. - Audra

  2. Your craft room looks amazing!!!

  3. A buying diet! What a hoot! I would probably do as well with that as I do with a food diet.