Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yesterday someone left a deposit on an afghan that Sadie used to sleep on.  It's funny how they change 'favorite' places.  Sassy has been sleeping in the spare bedroom window for weeks now and has suddenly changed to the window in my craft room.  This is her second day here, all curled up between the window and the cubby that Carl built me.  She's also slept on the floor under the shelving system and she's been using the litter box up here for two or three days.  Sadie sleeps on the couch and in the family room window which is a place that Sassy never liked much.  My chair and footstool are still covered unless I'm sitting there.  And if we get through the day today with no messes, it will be Day 1--- again.

Yesterday I was checking my e-mail when this happened:
And they stayed that way for a half an hour.  Of course, it was one of two windows open because it was so chilly.  My room could be a deep freeze and I wouldn't mind but Carl would be wearing many layers and wool socks.
In the morning, we prowl the house looking for dirty litter boxes and feeling relief when we see both cats have used them.  This is getting to be a way of life.  Carl made the rounds yesterday changing three of the boxes completely.  As of this morning, one cat (I believe Sassy) is finished and I'm still waiting for  Sadie.  I usually clean all the boxes after both cats have finished.

Well, it's  movie day and I've got to pick up the house, when I turn on the vacuum, all cats disappear.

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