Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Three days and counting.  We had poop in two different boxes.  Sadie in the laundry room and Sassy in the spare bedroom.  We've kept the pet carriers on both my chair seat and footstool.  The spare bed is still covered with:  waterproof pads, plastic, metal shelves, boxes and a large package of toilet paper.  It would be easier to keep the door shut, but Sassy loves the window and sleeps almost exclusively on top of my sewing machine cabinet under it.  Her second and third favorite place to sleep is my chair and then Carl's chair.  My chair is now covered and Sadie uses Carl's chair to get to her place in the family room window, so Sassy is left with just her window.

We've had no fighting for some time.  They co-exist.  They can be right next to each other with no problems but they are not friends.  They often walk wide around each other, won't be in the same room at the same time and are often on separate floors of the house.  Sadie, in addition to her seat in the family room, also sleeps in the hall on the top floor, outside our bedroom.  Sassy, sleeps on the floor in the family room if she isn't in her window in the spare bedroom and we are in the family room.

Sadie was waiting for me this morning right outside the door to our bedroom.  She came into the bathroom with me and wound around my legs purring.  That's right....purring.  I can still count all the times she's purred on ten fingers (less than ten, actually).  When I did litter duty, starting in my craft room, down to the living room, down to the laundry room, over to the spare bedroom and down to Carl's man cave, I stopped at each cat and spent some time telling them what good girls they were and how much we loved them, I rubbed ears and bellies, but no purring from Sadie.  Such a precious gift given so rarely.  From Sassy, however, we get non-stop purring.  She can't turn hers off.

Yesterday morning we had a bit of drama.  I got up, got my coffee, (since we retired, Carl has started getting up before me and making coffee, a real treat for someone who made coffee every night for so many years) and headed for the paper in the family room.  Carl had that tight jaw that I've come to know means he's not happy.  So, I said, "what"?  He said there was poop in the living room.  So, feet dragging, I head up there to see what he was talking about and there was a HUGE hairball again from Sassy (white fur).  We had no hairball trouble from her from her adoption in August until a few weeks ago.  We've tried all the hairball medicines, she won't touch them, adding oil to her food - she won't eat it.  Putting the medicine on her fur - she will roll, run, drag, and rub but will not lick it.  We have hairball control dry cat food which doesn't seem to be working, although she likes it.  I brush her twice a day but that's not helping, either.  She seems ok - running, playing, eating just fine.  We don't see her obsessively grooming anymore, but still the hairballs.  But today, I'm a happy camper.  Happy happy happy.

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