Sunday, September 29, 2013

An ah ha moment...

I had an epiphany last night.  It 'finally' occurred to me that if the cats couldn't get ON the bed, they couldn't poop on it.  Brilliant idea!  So, I pulled some boxes out of the closet and covered the bed with them as well as some wire shelves we're going to put in our new linen closet.  I don't plan to do this forever, just until I'm sure both cats are using the litter boxes.  I put a cat carrier "Oh, no, the vet" on my chair seat which was the second place that gets pooped on.  We left the spare bedroom door open last night and, as I suspected, nothing on it this morning but all the junk I put on it.  And Sassy used the litter box in the spare room.  As of 9:01am, Sadie had not made a deposit in any box and she ate breakfast around 6:00 am so she should be due.  Also, Sadie did not ingest her pill yesterday even though I re-mixed it in her food twice.  She was ravenous this morning and ate everything.  It's the difference between smelling the pill (it was in her food so long yesterday the gel cap melted) and being fresh in the gel cap and not smelling the pill.

There's another 'up' side to this story - I can actually walk in the closet I removed the boxes from.  It's where I hang laundry when I pull it out of the dryer and since it's a deep closet I have to reach over the boxes to get to the bar.  It's so much easier now.

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