Friday, September 27, 2013

Ut oh!

Huge poop on the spare bed this morning and little poop in the laundry room litter box.  So, they've switched rolls - Sassy using the litter box and Sadie pooping on the spare bed.  Carl paid $12.00 for a spray bottle of stuff to keep cats off of furniture but it doesn't say how often you have to respray.  He used it once and it worked for two nights so he's going to spray every night which is just as much trouble as closing the spare bedroom door every night when he goes to bed.  At least we'll be able to see if the spray really works - or not.  The girls are still quiet and polite around each other but not friendly.

Sassy has stopped obsessively cleaning herself.  The last three days there hasn't been any sopping wet fur on her, sometimes she will groom until she drips.  I've gotten all the knots out from under her front legs, that was a long process, and now I'm working on some on her butt which will take even longer because she doesn't like to be brushed around her tail.  Another day, another adventure.

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