Monday, September 23, 2013

Over and over again....

More runny poop on the spare bed even though the bed is well covered with waterproof pads and a painter's plastic tarp.  Sassy didn't want me playing with her tummy this morning although that's happened when she's perfectly healthy.  She's still eating and drinking well.  I can't tell what's illness, stress or just being Sassy.  Sadie has caught up with her meds and is back to being her usual slow and sleepy self.  Carl likes her better off the meds but Sassy doesn't.  Sassy is acting like Sadie did when she first arrived.  Always looking around corners, jumping at every noise.  She did let me brush her for a long time last night.  She keeps getting knots under her front legs and they are particularly hard to comb out because they're very close to her skin.  Last night she seemed willing to stay and let me work on them, purring all the while.  She lays on her back with all of her legs spread wide and purrs and purrs and purrs, we think it's so funny.  Carl was frustrated this morning, he actually snapped at me like I told Sassy to poop on the bed.  I'm out of answers.  I keep hoping once the relationship issue resolves itself, both cats will settle down and just be cats, not furry skins filled with angst.

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