Friday, September 20, 2013

Sassy is sick

Sassy has been throwing up the last two days.  First, two enormous hairballs and then just food and drool.  She's been mopey and not interested in playing.  Last night we got home from a street fair and she had thrown up three times in the family room.  We agreed if she wasn't better in the morning we would call the vet but this morning she ate a full breakfast and settled down in the spare bedroom window for a snooze.  Just before she ate, she made a run at Carl's chair, all the way to the back setting it to rocking - she hasn't done that for a while.  So, we figure she's feeling better and we'll keep an eye on her.  She's still over-grooming, patches of her fur are sopping wet by the time she feels as if she's done.  I brush her as much as she'll let me so at least I reduce by a little the fur she's ingesting.

Sadie, on the other hand, seems healthy as a horse.  She eats twice a day and finishes what Sassy leaves.  She's grumpy in the morning but has mellowed out by 8 am or so.  This morning she's in my craft room window.

If you look carefully, outside the window by her body, is a small feeder that I hook on the screen track and it's filled with peanuts for the chickadees, titmice and woodpeckers.  I've had to keep the window closed because Sadie wants to go through the screen and grab the birds.  Now, they don't pay any attention to her.

We're still having small dust-ups.  Once Sadie was laying in Carl's chair and Sassy ran up to it and jumped into the chair, too.  A little hissing, Sassy jumped down and the event was over.  But yesterday they both ended up in my bathroom at the same time while I was indisposed.  Sadie ran over and attacked Sassy who moved into a corner and there wasn't much I could do but throw a pair of shorts at Sadie which gave Sassy time to escape.  Sassy often visits me in the bathroom to hide behind the curtain and play with my fingers.  Sadie has just started jumping into my tub.  But I haven't seen them both in there at the same time.  If Sassy doesn't stop excessively grooming, it may be time for her to get drugs before all her fur is gone.  Boy, I remember when cats were just pets, not neurotic patients.  I guess I feel worse for Sassy because she always looks so unhappy (even the cat sitter noticed how sad Sassy looks all the time) and Sadie looks evil - yellow green eyes, direct stare, regal pose; Carl says she looks like she's wondering how to tear you limb from limb.

I've been able to pick Sadie up and pet her several more times the last few days but no purring and she's not agreeable to it all the time, just once in a while.  I keep trying, though.

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