Saturday, September 21, 2013

What a mess.....

Sassy has been sick from the 'other' end all day today.  She's managed to hit all of the five litter boxes, my chair, several carpets, the couch and the spare bed.  I don't think she meant to make any messes, I think they were a case of not getting to the box in time.  I picked her up to rub her ears and saw that she had soiled herself as well so I gave her a bath (what a fun time that was) and took her to my bathroom to blow dry her.  She clearly wasn't a fan but didn't give me a lot of trouble about brushing and blow drying.  I kept her in my bathroom for a couple of hours with a bowl of water, a litter box and a blanket.  When I finally let her out, she went down to sleep on Carl's chair.  We're going to start her on a little olive oil with her breakfast in the hopes it will lubricate the hairballs enough to pass through.

Sadie ate very little breakfast when it was first served and didn't consume her pill.  I mounded her food up again and placed the pill on top but when she finished eating later, she managed to eat around the pill.   She was a little more active this morning than usual and Sassy and Sadie mixed it up a few times but played chase, too.  We'll try her pill again in the morning.

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