Monday, September 16, 2013

A step forward, a step back

Things have been well here.  No fussing amongst cats.  A little running and chasing, but nothing nasty.  Sadie is almost always approachable now.  Sadie had her first Prozac on 8/4 so she's been on them six weeks now.  The only time she seems a little aggressive is in the morning when, perhaps, the pill has worn off.  Or perhaps it's just she wide awake and raring to go.  One day last week when I picked her up (and she's much better about that, she won't stay but doesn't fight anymore), she actually purred.  Third time since we've had her.  We've kept the spare bedroom door closed since the 10th but opened it back up yesterday to see what would happen.  Sadie pooped on the bed last night sometime.  So, we'll leave it open during the day and closed at night.  With five boxes, you'd think that she could find one to use.  It's strange that she was always the good cat and while Sassy is pretty much using the box all the time, Sadie seems to be regressing.  Carl wrestled with Sadie last night for a while until she pulled out the claws, she's getting much better about using them, too.  But she still gets caught in the carpet, throws, and Carl's chair and we're still debating declawing her.

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