Monday, October 28, 2013

Hairballs the size of Texas....

After not seeing a hairball from Sassy since adopting her a year ago, suddenly she is full of them.  I attribute this to the excessive grooming she's been doing and I guess that's due to stress.  It does seem to be slowing down.  She's been spending more and more time with me in my craft room, on my footstool, in the bathroom while I take a bath (I'm not allowed to shut the bathroom door anymore).  She's here with me now - in the window watching the deer run by (wonder what she thinks of them?).  We always know a hairball is on the way - first the diarrhea and low appetite for a couple of days - and then suddenly a huge increase in appetite and we find a ball somewhere.  We know they're Sassy's because of the hair color (if you have two cats, I recommend two different colors - you can sort out problems with hair color).  Carl is going to be giving her some hairball medicine, putting dabs on the tip of her nose several times a week because she won't take it off your finger.  She shakes it off her paw and rubs it off her hip.

We just ordered another prescription for Sadie since we're going to be leaving for Florida next month.  We don't want the sitter to have to deal with withdrawal so we're going to try that when we return.  We've had no messes since last Thursday and I think that was a case of "I can't get to the litter box in time".  If they were mad about the mess, they haven't expressed it lately.  And the mess is slowly going away.

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