Monday, October 21, 2013


Saturday my craft room looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

All of the supplies pulled out of my craft room are scattered all over the house - the living room, dining room and the spare bedroom.  We did this yesterday morning in order to bring in the furniture that's currently in the garage and arrange my supplies in an orderly fashion.  This process will take a week or two because hubs is adding sliding trays to all the bases.  As each is finished, it will come up to my room and eventually we can measure for counter tops.  This is great fun for me as well as work, it will be super to have a nice looking, cohesive place to work.

The problem is neither of the cats liked it.  One pooped in my craft room a mere six inches from the litter box last night and the other peed in a box top in the basement this morning.  We know that Sadie did the pee, she pees twice a day, a gallon each time.  Sassy pees ten times a day, a teaspoon at a time (even the vet said she had a tiny bladder).  Needless to say, my husband was not a happy camper.  We can clean poop which lays on top of the carpet, we can even remove the smell, pee not so much.  His carpet is indoor/outdoor so it's very thin on top of cement.  I don't know how porous cement is, but this behavior is unacceptable.  Soon all doors in the house will be closed off and all they will have is the family room and dining room and no furniture because we keep that covered so they can't potty on it.  If this is just a reaction to change, fine, soon it will all be back to normal with the exception of my craft room.  If this is a new direction in behavior, we're doomed.

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