Friday, October 18, 2013

Sadie is stimulated...

Carl and I brought in the house plants last night due to predicted cold weather.  I have two large plants and four smaller ones that winter over in the living room.  This morning I noticed dirt on the floor next to one of the larger ones - Sadie had been digging in it.  We're thinking maybe we might have to lock up the plants in the living room.   I've not had a chance to clean the plants of seeds that germinated and falling leaves, I'll do that tomorrow.  Sadie will probably help.  We've also discovered you don't want to be between Sadie and any bug she finds - she's deadly and goes claws first after them.  There was a fly in the living room lamp on the table that sits between our chairs.  Sadie climbed up on the table and went for the lamp but we distracted her.  I told Carl that I feel sorry for the lamp shade if we aren't around to run interference.  Everything is new to her and it's fun to see her interact with a new environment.  Sadie still isn't very affectionate, she prefers to be left alone but loves to play and we're still after her not to use her claws on the furniture, she's doing less of that but still not using the scratching post or letting me trim her claws.  I moved the cat tree into the family room and Sassy has taken up residence on the shelf.  Neither cat likes the box at the top or the cubby at the bottom.  The shelf is now attainable by climbing through the railing from the dining room and just stepping on the shelf.  Sadie has discovered the chair in the family room that Sassy used to use and there's a chair in the living room that she likes.  It's still funny to me how they change loyalties about where they relax.  Sassy used to be glued to the sewing machine top in the spare bedroom, now she's using the shelf in my craft room or the cat tree.  Sadie had the family room window, now she's in one of two chairs.  I wonder what goes through their minds, they must be wondrous things.

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