Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eight days and counting....

I know it's a mistake to put this into words.  Eight whole days without an incident.  One tiny dust up with the girls, over in a heartbeat.  Sadie has taken up residence in the spare bedroom on the sewing machine case and Sassy is spending time in my craft room.  She's been up here helping me unpack, underfoot, locked in the closet twice, and finally napping.  She has a wonderful recirculating water fountain in the dining room but they both use the small bowl of water behind her in the first picture.  No accounting for cat's taste, right?

I'm still putting the pet carrier in my chair at night, I'm not a fool, but we're not blocking off the living room anymore.  All the litter boxes are still being used and we're planning on weaning Sadie off of the Prozac in December when we come back from Florida.  Hopefully, she will be fine without it and I double hope that writing about this hasn't jinxed their behavior.

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