Saturday, November 23, 2013

Night 5...

Interesting developments.  We did not lock Sassy up last night and she pooped on the footstool which is very well protected.  We also had the spare bedroom closed off but when I went in to grab a VHS tape that was recorded in the spare bedroom, Sassy ran straight into the litter box in there and peed.  Was she angry that the door was closed and she needed to use THAT box?  Sadie uses the box in the laundry room once in a great while (and I decorated it so beautifully, too) but for the most part, neither cat uses that box.  The one in the spare bedroom, the basement box and the one in my craft room are used frequently.  The one in the living room is a once in a while box.  Who can understand the minds of cats?

Sadie didn't take her pill yesterday and so far hasn't eaten it today.  She's gone from gulping her food to eating a little around the pill and leaving most of it.  She really seems to like the Aims Dry Hairball Control food that we purchased last.  I keep a bowl of it in the craft room along with a bowl of water, there's an automatic feeder in the dining room filled with the same food on Sassy's side.  Sadie has some Meow Mix or Little Friskies in a small bowl on her side.  When we first got her, she was so crazy over the canned food that we couldn't get her to eat dry food.  It might be that she eats so much dry food that she isn't interested in the canned food any longer.  We're not contemplating hand feeding her the pill.  I will call the vet this morning and see if her not taking the pill is going to have consequences we don't know about.  We were going to wean her from it when we got back anyway, so it's just earlier than we expected.  Of course, we don't know what she's going to be like without meds.  This morning I tried to pet her and her pupils got really big and black and she reached up to hit me - luckily, I moved but had I been a tad slower, she might have gotten me.  Sometimes she hits with claws in and other times with claws out, I don't like to chance it.

She's in the craft room window this morning, still not very friendly.  If left alone, she's a perfectly acceptable cat.  It's just sad we don't have the comfort of petting her.

EDITED TO ADD:  Just after I finished this entry Sassy came into the craft room.  Sadie got out of the window and laid down on the carpet about a foot from Sassy.  I turned back to the TV and the next second the mother of all cat fights broke out.  It's been months since we've had one of those.  I tried to break it up in the craft room but they ran down the hall and into the kitchen screeching and hissing.  I found the squirt bottle but it didn't make any difference, they screeched in the dining room, the family room and back to the dining room.  Sassy finally hid under a chair and I grabbed her and took her upstairs and locked her in my craft room.  Then I got the gate and put it up in the hallway.  Back in my craft room Sassy played with her Yeowww Banana and finally plopped down to sleep in the window.  Like. Nothing. Happened.  And, my heart rate is still up.

I also managed to get Sadie to eat her pill.  She loves the chicken flavor hairball medicine that we give her once in a while, I just put a bit of it in a bowl and pressed her pill into it.  She thinks that's a treat.  Perhaps we need to find something else she's crazy about and put the pill in it.  Then she headed upstairs to Sassy again.  They are still separated by the gate and may be until that pill takes effect.

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