Monday, November 18, 2013


Our prayers today are with our friends on the east side of the Illinois River.  Yesterday was a frightening day in Central Illinois.  We had black clouds, high winds, tornado warnings and really heavy rain, but other than a few tree branches down, suffered no real damage.  Thirty minutes away to the east, however, the destruction was widespread.  We have friends in Washington, IL that we managed to contact - they are ok, no power but their house is still standing while around them people have lost their homes.  Pictures on the news are heart wrenching.  Coming into the holiday season, please remember those that won't have a dining room table to gather around for Thanksgiving.  We are thankful that so few lives were lost.  I am trying to locate an address for $$ donations and will share that with you as soon as I have one.  I understand that volunteers are swarming to the affected areas but money and gift cards can be placed in the hands of people that have immediate needs.

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