Sunday, November 24, 2013

Drama unfolding....

I am in the craft room checking e-mail and starting to work on a fundraising project.  It's 6:38am and I've just started Netflix.  Sassy has been sleeping on the window seat and I had been wondering where Sadie was.  Five minutes ago Sadie jumped up on the window seat.  No ear position change from Sassy, just a watchfulness.  After a minute or two, Sassy got up, stretched, moved closer to me and farther from Sadie on the seat and laid back down.  Ears are forward on both cats, Sadie has laid down on the right side of the window seat and appears to be fixated on the bird feeder inside the window.  Sassy appears to be sleeping.  This is almost 24 hours to the minute that they had a screaming match yesterday.

Carl asked last night if we were going to lock Sassy up on what would be her third night out of lock up, I said no because of one change between .  Remember, the first night was fine, the spare bedroom door was open, she used the spare bedroom litter box, no messes.  The second night Carl closed the spare bedroom door and there was a mess on the footstool.  Last night the spare bedroom door was open and she used the spare bedroom litter box, Sadie used the living room box, took her pill, and all is well in my world.

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