Monday, November 11, 2013

A house divided....

Slowly the house has become divided.  The living room, family room, dining room and kitchen are neutral zones but the craft room belongs to Sassy.  She spends most of her time here and while Sadie came up in the summer, for the last several months she's pretty much stayed out of it - and the top level of the house.  Sadie sleeps in the spare bedroom and I haven't seen Sassy in there in weeks.  Both girls come together when one or both of us are in any of the neutral rooms.  Sassy right now is sitting on my desk, oops just got down.  Sadie had been in the family room while we had coffee and read the paper, I assume Sassy was in the craft room because she was when I came up.  We've had no accidents since Friday but the chair is covered when my butt isn't in it and the living room is gated at night.

Sadie is an enigma.  Sometimes she's amenable to affection and sometimes she's a growling, hissing ball of contrary.  If you reach for her, she will growl and move away.

Sassy has been really active, running through the house, stealing our seats when we get up (she thinks that's a game) and being generally playful.  She's back to coming into the bathroom with me, hiding behind the shower curtain and playing with my fingers.  She quit doing that for quite some time and I'd missed it.  It's a little awkward leaving the bathroom door open all the time but easier than trying to open it when she paws at the door - she won't stop until I open the door.

On a worrisome note, this morning I discovered a nearly bald patch over her right eye.  I'm going to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, we'll be off to the vet.  I've heard of cats losing hair due to stress and I'm sure her excessive grooming is because of stress but we keep hoping that spending time playing with both of them will relieve some of that. 

Someone also has been throwing up again.  It was in the basement and this is the second occurrence.  Last time it stopped after we found two huge hairballs that obviously belonged to Sassy.  We don't know who this one belongs to because we haven't found the hairball yet.

On a good note, Sadie is using the cat scratching post in the family room.  We've told her "no" in a firm voice so many times when she uses the chairs or couch and "good girl" in a soft voice whenever she uses the post that she's decided she likes the "good girl" the most.  We haven't seen her use furniture for over a week except once when the post was blocked by the pet carriers we place on my chair and footstool - our bad.  We're aware of that now and make sure she can get to the post.

Everyday we don't have a fight or an 'accident' we consider it a good day, so up to 7:08 am, it's a good day.

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