Monday, November 25, 2013

Remember the pet carrier, remember the pet carrier

Yesterday while we were in the happiness bubble, thinking all was well, my husband happened to notice that somecat hit my chair AGAIN.  We have been religious about putting the "going to the vet" pet carrier on my chair when I'm not in it.  Some days (or nights) I can walk right by the carrier and not remember to put the carrier on it.  So, we cleaned up the mess, scrubbed, sprayed with Fabreze, and replaced the pet carrier on top of a clean towel.  The footstool has three layers including a waterproof pad on it so we can just whip off a layer and wash it.  I even put the carrier in the way so I have to trip over it and this morning I walked right past it, as hubs was quick to note.

Sadie spent part of the morning with me:

The good news is there were no messes last night and two of the litter boxes had been used.  We're on the countdown to vacation - 10 days to get these girls in shape before we have to lock one up.  Sassy is in the window seat, Sadie is in the basement and all is quiet where we live.

Edited to add:  9:33 - just spent a half an hour cleaning their water fountain.  I couldn't figure out why is had slowed to a dribble - duh, dirty pump.  So, it's all sparkling, filled with clean water, and running a good stream.  Of course, both cats were curious, watched the process, followed me from dining room to kitchen to dining room and when I was finished, Sadie walked past so I picked her up.  Of course, she tensed up, growled and strugged so I let her down and she immediately went after Sassy.  Total and instant aggression.   I've read about displaced aggression - Sadie was mad at me so she wanted to beat up Sassy.  Carl hit Sadie with a few squirts of water, but Sadie doesn't mind water.  I guess a can full of pennies is next.  And Sadie won't be picked up again any time soon.  Sassy is locked up in my room and Sadie is downstairs for a time out.  I'll let Sassy out in a few minutes.  We thought the aggressive phase was over, we're not ready to deal with that plus the litter box problems.  When do adoptive parents of dysfunctional cats say enough is enough?

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