Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Night 1...

Sassy spent her first night last night in lock up.  We put the gate up in the door of my craft room where she had food, water, and her window seat.  She also likes to sleep on my crafting desk so I needed to clean it off last night.  Luckily, since we've rearranged my craft room and I've adopted the "everything in its place" idea, that wasn't a problem.  She wasn't happy and was waiting at the gate this morning when I got up at 5:00 a.m.  But....and this is a huge but....(no joke)....there was a good sized pile in the cat box this morning, both solid and liquid.  No messes anywhere in the house.  Of course, this is only one night and not definitive proof that Sassy has been our problem child but I didn't feel at all bad about locking her up.  It's a large room and she likes being here - in fact, as I type, she's on the window seat asleep.  I moved some of her toys in the my room and she carried one downstairs to me while I read the paper.  I promptly moved it back to the craft room so she'll have it tonight.  We've only got 17 more days until we leave for Florida so we'll keep her locked up at night until then.  We may even talk to the sitter about feeding twice a day, locking her up at night and letting her out in the morning.

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