Thursday, November 21, 2013

Night 3...

One mess in the litter box, one on the carpet.  What was different from Night 2?  First, we didn't play for a half an hour before I locked her in.  Second, Carl did the honors since I went to bed earlier than I thought Sassy should be locked up.  Did that make a difference?  Was she angry with me?  Not a clue.  I thoroughly cleaned the spot where she pooped, sprayed it with a cat-away product and placed a box on top of it.  We'll try another night tonight and if the same thing happens, it's down to the linoleum floor in the laundry room.  It's about 1/5th the size of my craft room - just room enough for her box, a small blanket and food and water and no window.  In the meantime, she's helping me craft.

I'm trying to take a picture of the card I just made and here she plops so work has been suspended and laundry is about to start.

Sadie is back under the shower curtain where she was hiding yesterday when I had to take a shower.  I turned on my MP3 player, the ceiling fan, the shower chandelier, the water, and tried to creep over her to get into the tub.  I think she got disgusted with all the noise and disturbance so she was gone by the time I got out of the shower.  So far as we know, Sadie has been really good since Sassy was locked up except for once again peeing in a box top my husband left on the floor of his workroom.  She's done this once before so we need to be diligent with picking them up so she doesn't get the idea it's a litter box.  Carl said, "but it doesn't have litter in it".  Excuse me?  She's a cat, it's a box....

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