Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Night 2...

We slept in this morning until a little after six.  When I left the bedroom I saw Sadie laying in the hallway on my side of the gate while Sassy was in the craft room on the opposite side of the gate, practically nose to nose and Sassy was vocal.  I imagine she was telling me to hurry up and move the gate but we have to do a house inspection first.  All floors were clean and all boxes in the upper three floors were clean.  Carl does the basement box since that's his area (the man cave).  When I let Sassy out, I checked the box in the craft room and there were TWO piles in it.  Yeah, Sassy.  I went back down to go out and get the paper and the girls were chasing each other in the family room.  First Sadie chased Sassy (tails were swishing but ears were erect), then Sassy chased Sadie, then Sadie chased Sassy around the clothes basket and then Carl dropped Sadie's meds, said a bad word and every one calmed down.  We drank coffee, read the paper and then got ready to start the day.  I checked the boxes again and Sadie had used the one in the spare room.  I would feel totally bad about locking Sassy up every night for the rest of her life but if that's what it takes to keep our house clean and smelling good, I'm up for it.  I don't know where Sassy is now but Sadie is on the window seat in my craft room and all is calm, all is bright.

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