Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An early Christmas present...

I recently found out that I made the Magnolia Design Team at I have long been an admirer of Cindy and Kevin Echtinaw, their enthusiasm and their superb customer service, so it’s an honor to be considered a member of Cindy’s posse. And I am crazy about Magnolia stamps and copics. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every image I color I learn something new. Experimenting runs in our family. My daughter used to do science experiments on our black Persian cat, Kane. While I was otherwise occupied, she managed to put a whole pound of Vaseline on him. I think she had seen me put a little on his paw to help pass those hairballs we’re all so fond of finding at our house. In panic, I called the vet and when he got done laughing he told me to take a butter knife and scrape as much off of him as I could and then invest in kitty litter because he’s going to need an awful lot of it. Have you ever tried to hang on to a really mad greased cat? More about her science experiments at a later date.


  1. Hello Cindy!
    Congrats on being chosen for the design team.
    I love this card you have made. Tilda looks lovely on the window frame.
    Hugs Marion

  2. Cindy, you did a wonderful job with this card. Beautiful! Congratulations on making the DT. That would have me quaking in my boots! Nancy