Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

After completing most of my Christmas shopping, it's time to start on cards and gift tags. My daughter is a coffee junkie, she'd mainline it if the cart and bottle wouldn't get caught as she moved around. I always make her cards and tags with coffee related stamps and paper and when we travel, we try to find unusual coffee companies to buy from. This year's stamps came from Cindy Echtinaw at She has a line of clear stamps that contain lots of drink containers: margarita glass, martini glass, dacquari glass, coffee cups, mugs, paper containers; her phrases match the theme. This is my daughter's money card, both inside and out. The snow woman stamp is from TotallyStampalicious. This image comes with a broom which I cut off so I could fit the matching small container in her hand.

Off to work on my oldest grandson's card and tag.

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