Saturday, December 12, 2009

Do not grocery shop on Friday...

Note to Self: do NOT go grocery shopping on Friday. I usually buy groceries Monday morning at o’dark-thirty. Our local grocery store has a tiny parking lot so mostly we just circle it looking for a place to park and hope to get into the store before we starve to death. Reminds me of black vultures circling in Southern Illinois. Today was a nightmare, kind of like the night before they announce a ¼” of snow (what’ll we do? How will we live? We’ll starve to death. Must buy chips…). In the store it was just as bad, zombies left their carts to guard entry into the aisles and staggered away. I had a short list, I just wanted to get my stuff and to go home. A whole mob was waiting outside the empty milk case – we could see the milk stacked in cases through the empty shelves, we NEEDED milk – my kingdom for half a gallon. When I finally got to the checkout line, the person bagging groceries ran away and hid. So, I actually bagged my own stuff – upside was my bread was on top this time.


  1. Oh, I just found your blog tonight. I LOVE the cards and the stories too! The story at the grocery store had me laughing. Keep going, you are doing beautifully!