Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunrise, sunset, swiftly go the days

I just had the awesome pleasure of viewing one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen in years. Oranges that faded into peach rising above the trees. Much too fleeting, however. Like so many things in life, gone much too quickly. Just yesterday my daughter was a baby reaching into our German shepherd’s mouth to retrieve a cookie that Brendan mistakenly thought was his. We spent long hours teaching Brendan how to be gentle with the baby. He would run through the house, skid to a stop at her blanket on the floor, step over her and resume his run on the other side. We could sit Cricket up leaning on his flank and he would stay still until we moved her. They both played with the ball he “stored” in the toilet while he got a drink. She grew up no worse for the wear and had a great protector when she was little. In fact, the only time he ever growled at me, I had smacked her on the bottom for some transgression I have now forgotten. Through her diapers, I’m sure she never even felt it, but the indignity of it made her howl. His gums rolled back off of his teeth and he growled low in his throat. I knew at that moment that he would give his life for this small tormentor who stole his treats, pulled his fur and hijacked his toys. His infinite love was a joy to us all. Unfortunately, my daughter is all grown up and Brendan is no longer with us. The little girl my daughter used to be and our great-hearted shepherd gave us memories that will last forever.

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