Tuesday, April 2, 2013


First, a disclaimer:  I'm not watching this season of DWTS and even the thought of watching Derek Hough dance didn't make me want to tune in.  I think "Stars" is way too strong a word for this cast.  And I truly believe the scores that Wynonna Judd is getting is Karma for her quote about touring with Clint Black.  When asked how she liked touring with him, she said, "Life is too short to tour with ugly men".  I wonder how she would have felt if Tony Dovolani said "Life's too short to dance with fat chicks?"  I don't know why, but that quote just really made me angry.  Children listen to what stars say.  Britany's meltdown, Nicholas Cage drunk and disorderly, and don't get me started on Charlie Sheen (and I liked him).  Sports figures, movie stars (Mel Gibson, anyone?), people famous for being famous (Snookie?).  Who wants their children to grow up like these people?  Unfortunately, the press doesn't care that Matt Damon is happily married with children and loves to go home at night; they don't care that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since 1983 (when is the last time you heard anything about them?).  The press does care that Mel Gibson is a bigot or that Lindsey Lohan (who never seems to suffer any consequences for the stupid stuff she pulls) has had yet another car crash or Naomi Campbell threw her cellphone at her assistant.

I guess I've grown into my parents, but the famous people I grew up with either didn't do this kind of thing in public or the press didn't care quite so much.

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