Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not so much a pal...

My poor Sassy wanted so much to make friends with the new kitty, Molly.  She would lay within five feet of Molly, patiently waiting for Molly to come play but Molly would put her ears back, growl, spit and slap at Sassy.  And Sassy, being the placid girl she is, would just back slowly away.  Once I found her hiding in her litter box.  Molly seems destined for a one cat only family so she was picked up last night and returned to her former home.  We are still considering a pal for Sassy but maybe a kitten.  Sassy is finally out from behind my chair (she retreats there when she's stressed) and is in my craft room window with me.  She spent the last two days pretty close to us and the one time I picked her up while Molly was close, Sassy nipped me.  Today things are back to normal, well as normal as things get around here.  The really good news is Sassy didn't have any accidents while Molly was here but she went twenty four hours without a poop.  I believe that stress affects her stomach which causes her to either have the runs or be constipated.  And when I had to use a plug that her Feliway was plugged into a few days ago, I neglected to plug it back in and she seems fine.  So, perhaps we're done with that.

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