Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I rant; therefore I am...

Several things have been bothering me lately.  The first is our 52" Samsung TOC television began doing something really weird.  When you turn on the TV, the red light flashes, the music comes on, the picture shows for a fraction of a second, there's a loud click and then the cycle repeats itself.  It just started doing it last Wednesday.  I did a live Chat with someone at Samsung and they suggested unplugging it from the power strip and plugging it into a wall socket by itself - that worked for half a day and then it started back with the cycle again.  On Thursday, I re-chatted and this person said this is a "known" issue with my TV, they would fill out a service ticket and someone would get in touch with me within two business days - oh, and unplug the TV.  I discounted Thursday but expected to hear on Friday or Monday.  Late Monday night after no word, I contacted the Chat line again (available 24/7) and discovered our ticket had been cancelled due to "no response"  which apparently means someone tried to call and we didn't answer.  We didn't realize we were to stand still with one hand on the telephone waiting for this call.  I could have been doing laundry, checking the mail, talking to a neighbor in the drive-way.  I was home all day on Friday and Monday but maybe I was in the garage or taking a shower or going to the bathroom.  I mentioned that we have this new invention called an answering machine and someone was free to leave a message that would have been answered in minutes.  Oblivious to sarcasm, we were added to the service list again - and again, it would be two business days.  I did give them my husband's cell phone number but when he's home, he doesn't carry it with him, it sits on the hutch in the kitchen.  Now, is it just me, or is that a stupid policy?  We have a very expensive unwatchable television and the phone call is "our final answer"  I can't imagine how leaving a message is a detriment to them.  And we like Samsung products, just not their customer support.

I'm also miffed that Andy Dick is still on DTWS which, by the way, I really haven't been watching.  Our news station in the morning is kind of obsessed with DTWS and love to show us excerpts from the show, they seem to focus on Dick just because he's so awful.  It's called "Dancing" not "walking".  And who are the rest of those people?  Stars?  I think not.

And, while I've got my rant on, are you as tired of Jodi Arias as I am?  And now we'll go into Zimmerman, please - save me.  We're also going to have a murder trial here that involves a horrendous crime, two teenagers are accused of killing a whole family, even trying to kill a three year old who miraculously survived.  Their intention was to steal a computer and rape the teenage daughter; I guess killing the family was an afterthought.  Too much sadness in the world.  Maybe keeping the TV off for a while is a really good idea.

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