Sunday, April 7, 2013


Edited to add:  Sassy just pooped on the white feather duvet on our bed.  Since it's dry-clean only I just got the worst of it off and set it out to take to the cleaners.  I've changed the bed and locked her into the hallway and downstairs bathroom.  I've closed off the bedroom next to the hallway because the comforter on that bed was very expensive.  I did do some research on line and found that sometimes cats with diarrhea can't get to the litter box on time.  But she hates our bed.  If we put her up there, she immediately jumps off.  I can count on one hand the number of times she's spent more than a minute or two on it.  So, whatever possessed her to go up there to poop?  If it means anything, the feather duvet is the same color as the contractor's tarp and the waterproofed pads we used to put down, but she's also pooped on my husband's burgundy accent rug, although it was many months ago .  If anybody has any advice, we're certainly in the market for it.

Another setback.  But we've learned something valuable, I think.  Sassy had another accident on the contractor's tarp in the living room.  It was very runny and in three small places.  There was also a runny mess just outside her litter box and more in the litter box as well as on her back end.  It got us to thinking - the last time she pooped on anything, it was my footstool and it was also runny.  We can't remember the last time she pooped a normal poop outside of her litter box.  So, we wondered if perhaps she has stomach problems once in a while.  We haven't changed her food so we don't know what causes it but I remember a case of food poisoning I had that had me cleaning up a mess.  I'm going to go on line and find out if others have had the same problem and what they did about it.  At this point we aren't taking any action except bathing her back side but we have closed off the living room again.

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