Monday, April 1, 2013

Name my bluebirds...

Bluebird Update: My bluebirds have been hanging around for about 3 weeks. They periodically have checked the box which is clean and ready for use. The last week they have been here every morning about eight o'clock. The male sits on the box quivering his wings (if the window were open, I would probably hear him singing) to encourage his mate to check out the box. Both of them enter the box once or twice and then disappear until the next day. She will soon start their nest which is made of long grasses or pine needles. It very much resembles a robin's nest without the mud. Since they are both thrushes, I would expect their nests to be similar. I will keep you updated throughout the season on their progress. Please leave a comment with the names you would like them to be called and I will pick names on April 2nd.

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  1. Rob & Laura Petrie

    He was always encouraging & she was always hesitant.

    D : )