Sunday, March 31, 2013

1st Craft Show of 2013...

I've been attending some selective craft shows lately - local ones that don't involve a lot of traveling.  Several are sponsored by the Peoria Park District; the others are in towns right next to ours.  Yesterday was the first one in Chillicothe, IL.  The local high school has been doing an October craft sale for several years, this was their first attempt at one in March.  It wasn't well attended, there was a much bigger crowd at last year's October sale, but it was a pleasant day anyway.  You start to see the same people and become 'craft show friends'.  We watch one another's booths when we take potty breaks and you actually develop customers who look for you at sales.

I find that the people that send the most cards are in my age bracket or older.  We were raised sending cards.  The younger the person, the more apt they are to send e-mails or texts than a card.  The people that do send cards, however, send lots of them.  So my customers tend to spend more time at my booth looking at cards and conversating (Judge Judy says no matter how sad it is, conversating is now a part of the English language).  I hear about their elderly relatives that like cards, how their two year old granddaughter took the dragon off of a card I had created and slept with it (the image was Magnolia's Lily dragon) and her father could not convince her she could sleep with the whole card, how a six year old daughter just started dance class and got her first tutu and I just had the perfect card for her. 

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