Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 14...

Everybody's in  my bathtub but me....  I'm having a love/hate relationship with my contractors.  I LOVE the fact that they are meticulous and I HATE the fact they are meticulous.  There are so many things happening that aren't evident in the pictures I've been taking.  Smoothing, plastering, painting.  The area between the cement board and the painted walls has been plastered several times and painted.  Drying time takes a while and then it starts all over again.  I joked with Mike yesterday - into our fourth week and we're still painting.

Tile around the tub is finally going up.  It took several hours to lay the tile out so the cut pieces would be equal and not on top of the edges of the shelf or the tub where they might not stick well.  The lovely glass tiles will be placed three in a row at the third shelf from the bottom and run all around the tub.  Just a small break in all that white.  Decisions had to be made about the bullnose from the floor and wall.   Does the bullnose from the floor run to the tub and the bullnose from the wall run down to it?  Or does the bullnose from the wall run to the floor and the bullnose from the floor tile butt up against it?  Decisions, decisions.  It's possible the white tile will be finished today and the next step would be grouting - a day to dry and sealing the grout.  THEN and only THEN will we start building on this beautiful foundation they've meticulously created.  My vanity, two lovely cabinets, the chandelier and beautiful satin nickel shower accessories, towel bars and that great shower curtain will be positioned.  We took a poster I purchased twenty five years ago to be re-framed.  The poster is of a stylized woman with a big hat and fur around her neck.  Lovely mauves and greys and white.  The frame I chose is pearlized white with silver accents, a black velvet mat, and inner sparkly mat and then the photo.  It will cover the entire wall between the tub and the closet doors so when you sit on the throne, you will see her.  I still need art work for behind the throne, I have to purchase a mirror and a waste paper can.  Also, we've decided to trade toilets.  Carl has a lovely toilet in his bathroom and it's white.  I had a fairly new beige toilet in mine and we'd purchased a new white toilet for my bathroom.  We have decided to move Carl's into my bathroom, the new white one in the downstairs bathroom (it's beige now and we've purchased a white vanity and medicine cabinet) and the one in the downstairs bathroom will go to Habitat for Humanity.  Did you follow that?  Mike wants us to label them so he gets it right.  It snowed last night and is supposed to snow again today so the guys might be late but they've said they're sure everything will be done by Friday - then off to the downstairs bathroom.  We found the paint for the downstairs bathroom, it's kind of a goldy beige.  I pulled one of the colors from the new wave sink and since everything else is white, we're using it as a wall color.  Hurray - my third room in the house with color on the walls.

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