Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 18...

I've had to make some design changes since some of the fixtures have gone in.  My lovely words, created in MTC to be cut out of black matte vinyl will be totally hidden on the soffit behind the chandelier.  They will now be located over the door to the hallway, or, failing that, over the linen closet sliding doors.
We will be adding a brushed nickel wall unit with two shelves and a towel rack to the wall behind the toilet.  Except for the towel rack, it will be strictly for decorations.  I have some lovely starfish I purchased in Key West that I want to display as well as some 'dustables' that I still have packed away from the move almost ten years ago - in particular - a glass hermit crab that I'll be glad to unwrap.
I have enough room to the left of the heat register to add a small vanity stool to sit on when I put on my socks.  
You can see I've given up a lot of counter space.  Less clutter will make the room look bigger and I have a ginormous linen closet to store things in.
We went shopping yesterday morning for the last accessories.  I purchased a beveled mirror for over the vanity - it's 24" x 30" and should make the room feel bigger - it's  just a flat mirror with no frame.  I also found a brushed nickel waste basket that I liked and found "Sugar Cookie" refills for my Air Wick fragrance dispensers (yum!).  I purchased two beautiful soft fluffy white towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths.  I was delighted to discover a toilet brush inside a tall white ceramic cat.  Since we have a cat, and she loves the tub, it's a perfect fit.  We also found a white space saver cabinet for the downstairs bathroom on sale (on sale is always good).  That will increase the storage and I can put towels in it.  I found an absolutely gorgeous behind the toilet shelf system I would love to have in my bathroom but, alas, it was shiny chrome instead of brushed nickel (it didn't come in brushed nickel, I checked).  Same with the vanity stool - I found one that matched my chandelier, but, it too was chrome.  I ended up with a white cape cod-ish vanity stool with an antique white padded seat.  On line, I found a teak tray for the tub that will hold my wine glass and my kindle.  Only thirty six hours before my first bath......

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