Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things I wonder:...

Things I wonder: Yesterday I was watching a wildlife show with a team trying to rescue an injured female lion that had a protective male with her. The team tried to nudge the male away using a jeep but he wasn't budging. One of the team decided to try to force him away on foot. The narrator speaking in a very quiet voice was saying, "this is a really risky move, especially since Sam hasn't noticed he doesn't have his gun with him". And I'm all like, well, can't you just tell him he forgot his gun? Or do you think it would be better for ratings if the male lion ate him? Drama! It seems on TV today if someone isn't hurt, crying or going to rehab, we don't want to watch it. We're proud of the fact we don't watch reality shows at our house (well, I watch The Cake Boss once in a while though I often want to slap that blonde sister of his), we have enough drama day to day in our lives, we don't need to import it. We must be in the minority because they keep making new ones.

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