Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday, March 2, Day 1

Hubs and I went to see Louis Black last night in Peoria.  We left about five p.m. and returned home around eleven.  Sassy had had another really watery bowel movement on my footstool (which was covered with a water proof pad and an old blanket which made clean up a breeze).  There was a little mess on the floor between the footstool and the litter box (running for the box, perhaps?) and more in the litter box.

We cleaned up the mess and dipped her butt under the faucet to clean her up (the hazards of a long-haired cat) and we had no repeat this morning although there was more in the litter box.  She didn't seem too peppy this morning even though she ate a good breakfast.  We're not at the stage where we want to lock her back up again, I truly think this couldn't be helped.   We'll keep an eye on her today and see if she feels better later.

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