Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 12...

You can actually see the progress today.  The tile is down and we have a whole box we can return even after we save a few in case I drop an anvil and break a tile.  Tomorrow is grout and they're done until Monday when they will either install the bull nose around the edges or start on the tile around the tub.  That will also be a two day job - tile and then grout the next day.  They should be finished by next Friday at the latest.  The door still needs to be sanded and painted, the hole drilled for the door knob and the hinge placement chiseled out.  Then the fun stuff starts - vanity, shower and tub hardware (all Kohler and all gorgeous), my vanity light and chandelier, the two small cabinets, one on either side of the vanity, the towel racks, and mirror.  Some minor work on the cabinets, there are two and the doors both open from the left.  Since they will be bookends on either side of the vanity, I would like the doors to open in opposite directions so both knobs are next to the vanity.  Mike doesn't seem to think it will be a problem to move the hinges on one cabinet so I'm excited about that.

My vinyl is in for the Cameo and I have some great embellishments for the bathroom after the paint cures.

These pictures don't show the true colors - the walls are a grey/beige and the floor is just a touch peachier than the walls.  This picture makes it look like they are very different in color, but actually, they aren't.

The following pictures are of my living room.  I believe every tool Mike owns is down there right now.  Since we have two bathrooms to go, we'll have to live with this for at least another month.

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