Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 3...

Day three consisted of removing drywall, one stud, and shaving some studs in order to get the tub in.  Measurements showed there was a little less than one inch of clearance to maneuver with.  We also measured for the grab bars and the removed stud was replaced.  On the left side of the red bucket is the wall that separates the guest bathroom from the master bathroom.  When the wall board was removed, several pipes were revealed in the master bathroom that made a redesign in the master bath necessary.  Pat and Mike will start there as soon as this bathroom is finished. 

This is what the bathroom looks like now.  A hole in our spare bedroom under the tub was cut where the drain is in the tub (on the right hand side) to allow access to the drain area in the future.  The hole was covered with a slide in panel and actually doesn't look too bad.  Monday they will fill the tub and test the electronics before they begin to enclose it.  Fixtures for the tub will be on the wall on the right.  We decided last minute to place the floor tile on the diagonal so we'll need to purchase more tile soon.  Since we paid for the tile by the piece, we can always get a refund on what we don't use.  As Pat said, the fun part is the building up and that's coming next.

For those of you that follow the nature around our home, the birds have begun to sing in the last week.  The cardinals are very vocal as are the song sparrows.  Birds only sing to attract a mate or protect a territory (except chickadees who seem to sing for the love of it) so even though it's still winter here, birds are expecting spring soon.

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  1. Does this mean you will be using MY bathroom on Tuesdays? Hmmm... I'll have to think about that! Ruthann