Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bathroom remodel, Day 10...

We had our first coat of paint on Friday.  Unfortunately, the satin paint showed up some imperfections in the ceiling (I knew that was going to be a problem) which led to a skim coat being placed on the ceiling.  The first coat went on yesterday, a rather thick coat.  Today, they're sanding and making sure that skim coat is even.  Pat mixed some sand mixture into a primer and they're painting a coat of that on the ceiling, then the paint color goes on.  We've been bickering about the color - I think it's grey, Mike thinks it's beige.  Either way, I love the color.  The ceiling set us back two days and the drain isn't here yet but the circuit breaker did come on Friday and has been installed for the motor in the tub.

I did, in fact, order the door from Ambiance.  This door comes unpainted and with that lovely frosted glass.  Before I ordered, I asked how opaque it was.
I received a reply about five minutes later (was that great service or what?).
I was told this picture was taken with a person standing about 2 feet from the door under a fluorescent light.  So, I ordered it.  They said it would take 10 working days (I ordered it Thursday).  I received a phone call that it would be here tomorrow, five days after ordering.  And their selection of doors is primo.  Pat can start painting it tomorrow; it will be the same color as the trim in the bathroom.  I haven't seen the door yet, but based on their customer service, I think all our decorative doors will come from them.

Work on the tile around the tub can't start until the drain shows up so we're still waiting for that but the cement board for the floor has been cut and is ready to install.  I suppose the floor tile, toilet, vanity and cabinets can be installed when the painting is finished.

In the meantime, we've decided to freshen up the laundry room bath.  We've purchased a new vanity, medicine cabinet, light, door hardware and we're going to paint; the flooring, shower and toilet are fine.  For the master bath, Carl has picked out his floor and wall tile, his vanity, sink, faucets, shower fixtures, shower door and still has the paint to get.  Between all three baths, Mike and Pat should be able to work right through our trip to Memphis.

On another note we have a beautiful snow here today.  It looks like five or six inches so far and doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon.

But we are warm and snug, I made a huge pot of Jambalaya and have a loaf of bread for the oven, chocolate cupcakes and all the Crystal Light I can drink - life is good.

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