Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18, Day 32

Our first set-back.  I wasn't up early enough to see this as I'm fighting a HUGE headcold and slept in, but Carl found a small amount of poop on the floor, a good amount on my chair and some in the litter box.  We can't explain the chain of events that led to it.  Could she just not make it?  Since she's been going intermittently we have been worried that she was just storing it up for an explosion.  I noticed a small piece attached to her behind yesterday and made a note that we need to trim the hair on her butt soon but I doubt that caused this mess.  Carl thinks the small amount on the floor could have been drop off - and perhaps she's been constipated and wasn't expecting to go?  She hasn't been sleeping on my chair so we don't know if she jumped up there to go or was already there and went.  We're back to covering my chair with a waterproof pad and a piled afghan on top of that, using it as a litter box would be awkward.  We've decided not to go back to locking her up unless she repeats.  Then, we'll just start all over again.  I'm encouraged that we made it to 32 days but very disappointed that we may have to start over.  Carl replaced the Feliway containers that were low or empty.  We have no idea if that's working or not but as long as we have it, we'll use it.

I've just made an appointment with the Big Hollow Animal Hospital in Peoria, IL to board her while we're in Memphis.  Between pill giving and bathroom habits, our cat sitter isn't going to be able to handle her for this small vacation.  Our next one in June might be a different story.

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