Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, February 3, - Day 17

Second day out of lock-up and we've survived another night with no mess - knock wood.  I've cleaned the laundry room, scrubbed the floor, moved her water fountain and her dry food dish back to their original positions in the dining room.  I've placed her wet food back in the kitchen in its normal location.  Sassy is now in the dining room under the dining room table watching the birds on the deck.  She 'helped' me clean the laundry room and shake the litter rug back into the litter box.  She's still easily startled, sneaking up on her isn't a good idea.  And she continues to be very vocal when I pick her up anywhere but the laundry room, she doesn't do it when I pick her up for her medication in the morning.  Strange.

She came up to visit me in my craft room late yesterday - first time she's ventured up here on her own but she didn't come up when I went to bed.  And she seems to have lost that adorable habit of jumping in my tub when I'm in my bathroom.  Perhaps that's just as well - work starts on that bathroom in eight days and she won't want to be in there with all the banging that's going to go on.  I'm not sure I'll want to be in my craft room which is right next door.  We'll have to start moving furniture soon so they can get the old tub and surround out and the new tub in.  I hope that the noise and change in routine doesn't set her back. 

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