Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, February 21, Day 3

I had such a hard time getting her pill down her this morning - the worst time ever.  Like yesterday, I'm not really sure how much she got and it was so disintegrated by the time I finished, I'm sure she hated the rotten taste in her mouth.  Time for plan B.  First, I've ordered some small gel caps to put her pill in.  She won't be able to smell or taste those so that might help and they are relatively inexpensive if they don't work.  I'm also going to call a local compounding pharmacy to see if they can turn her pills into liquid and add a fish taste to it.  She's such a picky eater, rarely eating all of her breakfast, that might not work so we'll try the gel caps first.

Nothing in the litter box this morning and she spent the day yesterday hiding in the spare bedroom, she didn't even come out when we settled down to watch TV last night.  She almost always joins us even if she's not a lap cat.  We're hoping her new prescription of Prozac shows up today or we will have to drive out and pick it up.

I smoothed out her dry food yesterday morning to tell if she's eating and she hasn't made a dent in it.  She only ate half of her treats this morning and she loves them.  She didn't touch supper last night or breakfast this morning.  I'm going to give it to the end of day today to see if she eats and then I'll call the vet in the morning.  She's picky but she does attempt wet food twice a day and eats her dry food well so I'm a touch worried.

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