Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 6a...

I miscounted.  Work started on February 11th, but that was just a materials list day.  Mike measured and created his shopping list, double checked our requirements and didn't actually start work until the 12th.  So, Tuesday, the 19th, was really day 6 since they don't work Saturday and Sunday.

So, having said that - true day 6 showed lots of results.  It was the second day of mud on the wallboard, the installation of cement board around the tub and all the plumbing for the tub with the exception of the drain is finished.  One more coat of mud and then a good sanding and they will be finished with that.  When Mike went to install the drain in the tub so they could run water to check the electric motor, he found we had purchased the wrong size.  I have a deep tub - there are three heights of drain and the one we purchased is too short.  So, he's on a hunt this morning to try to replace it without the two week wait the original drain took.  If we do have to order another one, they can work around that, there's still painting and tiling to do, but we won't be done on schedule.  Carl is purchasing the paint today, they think they will get to that tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent some time working with Make the Cut and my Cameo and designed a phrase to go on the soffit over the tub.  I also did some dandelions for the wall opposite the toilet.  I've ordered some black matte vinyl, I already have white and may have to try them both or mix and match over the lovely dove gray paint.

On a unrelated note, we saw Jersey Boys last night at the Peoria Civic Center.  I have to admit the theater in Chicago had better acoustics and seating.  My daughter sat behind some woman with a huge beehive hairdo and spent the whole evening trying to see around her.  Her husband was really tall so exchanging seats with my SIL would not have helped.  We sat far enough away that we weren't aware of her problem, we would have told her to move to empty seats after the show starts or during intermission - no one cares if you do that unless someone shows up late.  There was a whole box empty they could have moved to.  Well, work is starting late today due to the great Kohler drain hunt.  Stay tuned...and stay warm....

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