Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 11...

Again, lots got done today that you can't see.  The drain in the tub has been installed and tested.  The tub actually had water in it and the jets and drain work.  Fixtures won't be installed until the tile work is finished.  A skim coat of mud has been placed where the cement board around the tub meet the newly painted walls.  The ceramic switch plates have been installed and look great except for one that was damaged in shipping and will be replaced by the company I bought them from.  The wallboard around the floor electric plug was cut too big to be covered by its plate so some taping and muding will have to go there; the knob for the dimmer switch doesn't fit just right but Pat thinks he can fix that.  The door from Ambiance arrived and is in the basement awaiting paint.  It's gorgeous.  The cement board is down on the floor and a tile pattern selected.  The ceiling has been painted one last time.

The spare bedroom is almost back to normal.  Everything had been covered and moved so a hole in the ceiling right under the tub drain could be cut.  That access hole has a panel over it now so if something happens and we need to get to the drain again, it will be easy to get to.

The floor should be finished tomorrow and then the tile around the tub starts.  While they're waiting to grout, the vanity and cabinets can go in and the lights and towel racks can go up.  It won't be long now and ask me if I'm getting excited.

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