Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28, Day 10

I haven't been posting because there hasn't been much action.  We called the vet on February 7th to order another prescription of the Prozac.  By the 15th when it hadn't arrived, I called again.  Apparently it wasn't mailed on the 7th, but was mailed on the 15th.  On the 20th it still wasn't here and it's only 20 miles.  Luckily it had been sent Priority Mail so they had a tracking number.  When I looked it up, sure enough, it had been mailed on the 15th, then it was 'misdirected' (whatever that means!) and finally arrived at our house the 25th.  But by then, she had been out of the Prozac for three days.  Since her last pill had been so hard to get down her and I'm not even sure I did, we decided to give her a break.  She had been taking them for over a month and seemed lethargic, wasn't eating well and cried every time we picked her up.

What a difference eight days make.  Her eyes are bright, she's racing through the house, making friends with the men who are remodeling our bathrooms, watching the squirrels and birds outside the sliding glass window and venturing up to my craft room and her perch by the window.

We haven't had any accidents since the 18th and she's getting more regular every day - both stools and pee.  I'm still covering up my chair, though.  She has taken to sleeping in the pink cozy we purchased for her that she's never used except on the trip to Wisconsin in September.  I've moved it to every room in the house and it ended up kicked into the spare bedroom where she now uses it for her afternoon nap.  Her morning nap is spent on Carl's chair.

We may be using our cat sitter for the March trip instead of boarding her since she's no longer on the Prozac.  And the guys will be here working on Carl's bathroom so she won't be alone; we're still thinking about it.

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