Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 2...

So.....another renovation, another twenty pounds of dust, another month of having the house torn apart, and, hopefully, another gorgeous room.

The current guest bathroom consists of two rooms.  The vanity and linen closet are in the front half, the toilet and tub are in the back half.  The first thing we're going to do is remove this wall and the door to open it up to one room.
This large vanity will be replaced with one half its size, the medicine cabinet will be replaced with one flat beveled mirror.  We will also add two more electric plugs in this wall (one just doesn't cut it with my mp3 player, electric toothbrush and blow dryer).
This room is only about five foot by four foot walking area.  The only heater in the bathroom is behind the door opposite the toilet.  Since this door is always open, the heat is trapped behind the door and doesn't do much to heat the bathroom.  The linoleum will be replaced by a pretty sand colored 12x12 ceramic floor tile.  
This tub surround with its small shallow tub will be replaced by a whirlpool tub and ceramic tile surrounding it.  The shower will  have a ten inch rain head and gorgeous brushed nickel fixtures.
The smaller vanity will be flanked on either side by a cabinet that is the same height as the vanity to increase my surface area.  The vanity has several drawers in it and the cabinets will hold what the vanity can't.
We have ordered what Kohler calls a shower locker for the wall behind the new tub.  It has five shelves on it and will run from the ceiling to the tub.  Each shelf is big enough to hold both my shampoo and body wash so lots of storage room.  You see how much I have now.  The tub itself also has a nice apron around it so I can place a wine glass full of Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot on it along with a candle or two.
This is the linen closet, it's two doors wide.  All the woodwork will be painted a very pale gray, the walls will be a slightly darker gray.
The light over the new mirror will be brushed nickel and the lights will hang down.  The lights also have pretty covers over them, a more feminine look than these which remind me of make-up lights.
This light next to the tub will be replaced with a chandelier with a dimmer switch.  So, I can dim the lights while I soak in the tub and drink that Blackberry Merlot.  Stay tuned.....

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